Volcanic eruption at Geldingadalur


60 Minutes broadcast from Geldingadalir volcano 

  • 14 June, 2021
  • Category: News

Bill Whitaker, a reporter for 60 Minutes, got up close and personal with the energy of Geldingadalir Volcano. In this fantastic footage, Whitaker was clearly fascinated by the breaking glass-like sounds of flowing lava, the intense heat, and how close he could get to the eruption. Whitaker interviewed local volcanologists to learn more about this unique geological spectacle.

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Canoby by Hilton

Life returning to normal in Iceland

Life is returning to normal in Iceland. Masks are no longer required in most daily situations. The limit on gatherings has been raised to 300 and restaurants, swimming pools, galleries etc. may open to full capacity again. As of May 31, compulsory stays in a quarantine facility for those traveling from high-risk areas, and the…

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Reykjavík is ready for your event

According to the Independent, Iceland is one of the few places you can visit very soon because it is categorized as a ‘green’ country. The Daily Mail online also lists Iceland as one of the countries that US citizens can travel to this summer. Additionally, CBS News highlights Iceland as a destination for Americans in its global…

  • 14 June, 2021
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Sky Lagoon opens its waters

Sky Lagoon opened last April and is located only ten minutes from the center of Reykjavík. Here the sea and sky blend, and it is easy to lose track of time—and stress. The surroundings are inspired by the natural elements and Iceland’s cultural connection to the sea and bathing in geothermally heated waters. Check it out

  • 14 June, 2021
  • Category: News

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