Ambassador Program – Practical Information

To be an ambassador of Meet in Reykjavík means that people officially are listed as such as they believe they have connections, ability and willingness to promote Iceland as a meeting destination for either big corporate meetings or conferences. History shows that limited number of individuals have been the key influencers of bringing large meetings/conferences to Iceland.

Þorsteinn Sendiherrar

Ambassador Event 2016 – Thorsteinn Orn Gudmundsson


Meet in Reykjavik is a convention Bureau and serves as a global marketing representative within the Meetings industry. We provide marketing material that reveals what Reykjavik and Iceland  can offer as a destination for conferences, meetings, incentives and events. We also help in bidding processes for associations. Our service is free of charge.

Meet in Reykjavík Ambassadors are professionals that are proud of the country they live and work in. They may already have practical experience securing and organizing conferences in their chosen field, or demonstrated the potential to do so but this is not a requirement. The bureau has access to associated partners who represent the very best professionals with a great deal of knowledge on of how to plan MICE events in the most effortless and professional way – and it is the choice of the Meet in Reykjavík Ambassador how much she/he wants to contribute.

Meet in Reykjavík will equip Ambassadors with free and impartial advice and support on all aspects of conference planning and organization.

Our Meet in Reykjavík Ambassador club will be strengthened by a group of Meet in Reykjavík Honorary Ambassadors. They are appointed by the partners and the board of Meet in Reykjavík as well as other Meet in Reykjavik Ambassadors. Meet in Reykjavík Honorary Ambassadors are both Icelanders and foreigners that have strong ties to Iceland and who have excelled in their field internationally. Our Meet in Reykjavík Honorary Ambassadors will meet once a year in Iceland to brainstorm with representatives from the management and board of Meet in Reykjavík.

To be or become a Meet in Reykjavík Ambassador is highly rewarding, as it;

  • Enhances the reputation of  her/his area of expertise both nationally and internationally
  • Increases the reputation of her/his department, organisation or subject
  • She/he will be invited to attend regular networking events at key venues
  • Receive official acclaim for her/his participation and exposure
  • Earns recognition for her/his contribution to motivate the hosting of an international conference
  • Stimulates funding and invest opportunities

Not only do Meet in Reykjavík Ambassadors encourage their association to hold meetings and congresses in Reykjavík as well as exclusive events and workshops, they open doors for Meet in Reykjavik. Meet in Reykjavík Ambassadors also share their expertise and experience with future Meet in Reykjavík Ambassadors and stimulate network building and professional profiling for Meet in Reykjavik as well as others.

Meet in Reykjavik App – Plan an international conference or event in Iceland from Meet in Reykjavik on Vimeo.