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Tell us about Meet in Reykjavík?

Meet in Reykjavík is the only Convention Bureau in Iceland. It was founded on January 27th 2012 by the City of Reykjavík, Icelandair Group and Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. It now operates with 40 associated partners that cover approximately 70-80% of the MICE-market in Reykjavík.


As we are a young professional organisation with a broad public as well as private backing, we are flexible and dynamic and in a position to shape our future by listening and reacting quickly to marketing trends and changes.  Our three most important assets are:


  • Human resource – clear vision, broad professional background, drive and aspiration
  • Knowledge and community building within the MICE industry in Iceland
  • Flexibility and short communication lines

Meet in Reykjavík believes in collaboration and recognises the power of joining forces with all local relevant players and stakeholders that promote Iceland as a MICE destination. The aim is to increase the number of international MICE-visitors but concentrating mainly on off-season projects. We intend to make Reykjavík attractive as a MICE destination by means of continuous quality improvements through survey feedback and product development.

What separates Reykjavík or Iceland from other MICE destinations in Europe?

Our competitive advantage is firstly the strategic location midway between the U.S., Canada and Europe, secondly the rugged and unique nature in the close vicinity of the city and thirdly the fact that Iceland is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. People love to cultivate their curiosity and bring home stories about their experience and Iceland certainly has a lot of places that can take your breath away. Easily reached from the capital city Reykjavík are numerous natural wonders. The city itself feels like a cosmopolitan capital with its modern infrastructure and vibrant art scene but has, at the same time, the sense of a relaxed harbour city. Iceland is said to have a bit of quirkiness mixed with authenticity, an experience welcomed by many MICE guests. Reykjavík is also a very secure and peaceful city and everything you need is within reach. History has also shown that Iceland usually attracts more conference delegates than previous conference destinations indicating strong power of interest towards this strategically located island midway between North America and Europe.

The power of Iceland lies in the energetic source of nature, culture and local mentality. All these elements serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable and effective event. Visitors claim it is the country´s energy, diversity and authenticity that gives the island an otherworldliness and spiritual inspiration.


It is widely established that nature has the power to invigorate us and increase our ability to concentrate. Through exposure to nature, the mind is able to rest, relax and revive. Numerous meeting facilities in Reykjavik offer stunning views of mountains, sea and, on a clear day, even glaciers – all of which you can turn to for inspiration. The recently built Harpa Conference Centre, housed in an iconic, eco-friendly building on the sea front, looks out across a spectacular bay. During breaks it is easy to step outside and wander along the walking paths by the sea – an ideal way to network with potential clients or bond with colleagues.


Meet in Reykjavík has prepared short presentations titled GET ENERGIZED. These presentations are offered planners of large international conferences in Iceland. The purpose is to mirror the Icelandic energy through laughter and inspiration. The goal is to raise energy levels among conference guests and create stories for them to talk about.

To change the MICE world you need to?

Love what you do, strict adherence to professional standards and endless drive and aspiration.

Where is the greatest competition and how do you face this?

The greatest competition is to work with the misconception foreigners have about Iceland. Many people think Iceland is very cold and hard to access and have no clue of how advanced the MICE infrastructure is. Our task is to inform and educate MICE planners.

Is it easy to travel to Iceland?

Iceland is located midway between North America and ideally located to „MEET IN THE MIDDLE” with only a 5 hour flight from the east coast of North America and about a 2-3 hour flight from Europe


  • There are more weekly flights scheduled from Keflavik airport to North America than from Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm altogether and twice as many than from Copenhagen
  • 25 airlines have scheduled flights during summer season to over 80 airports in 69 destinations. In winter there are 9 airlines flying to 45 airports in 39 destinations.

Is Iceland as cold as it sounds?

Our winter temperature is around 0° C and it is often warmer than in nearby countries. If you are lucky you can experience all variations of weather in one day, sun, rain, hail and snow. Summers are not so warm but then again we do recommend sunscreen on sunny days!

How big is Iceland and what is the population size?

Iceland is 103,000 sq. km (40,000 sq. mi). It is larger than Ireland and about the same size as Kentucky in the USA. There are roughly 340,000 inhabitants, most of them living around the capital city Reykjavik. Although the population size is small it is surprisingly large in might as we seem to be the “Per Capita” of the world. Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world (Global Peace Index) and has the lowest murder rate per capita of cities larger than 100K people. Iceland is said to have the best gender equality in the world and has the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Per capita Iceland has the highest literacy rate, Icelanders read the most books and have most Nobel-Prize winners. Iceland has the highest hydro-power usage in the world per capita and the highest internet usage per capita as well. We have most musicians per capita and more artists as part of the workforce. Iceland has the highest rate of golf courses and most sports stadium per capita. Iceland, it turns out, is number one in the world for international meetings, if we compare meetings to inhabitants.

What would be the most memorable meeting in Reykjavik?

Politicians, as well as business and academic leaders, have chosen Iceland for various meetings and conferences. The Reykjavík Summit 1986 with Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev is perhaps one of the most memorable as it is said to have been the beginning of the end of the Cold War. The annual Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik has also become a renowned meeting. It is the largest international gathering on topics of the Arctic, attended by more than 1500 participants from close to 50 countries, there amongst many of the great leaders of the world.

What is good to know about Icelanders when hosting an event?

Icelanders speak English quite fluently and Iceland was ranked the friendliest in the world to foreign visitors according to the World Economic Forum. Also very favourable for meeting planners is how easy communication is and the fact that we have refreshingly little red tape making challenges easier and more adaptive to changes. Icelanders have the CAN DO attitude and are therefore very positive when facing difficult challenges or change of plan.

How does Iceland incorporate sustainability in the meetings industry?

The City of Reykjavík won the Nordic Nature and Environment Prize 2014 and the city is now in fifth place of 20 Nordic cities in the Scandinavian Destination Sustainability Index. Cities are evaluated according to their sustainability performance as major meeting destinations. The goal is to become one of the leading green cities as it is in fact quite naturally eco-friendly, but just needs to be more efficient in the bureaucracy of gaining international certificates. Iceland is moving towards climate neutrality. Over 99% of electricity production and almost 80% of total energy production comes from hydropower and geothermal power.

No other nation uses such a high proportion of renewable energy resources. President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson and the people of Iceland are presented with the first-ever Atkinson Center Award for Global Leadership in Sustainable Development for promoting the use of renewable energy while reducing its own reliance on fossil fuels.

Reykjavík has the largest geothermal heating system in the world, which again makes meeting spaces quite eco-friendly, and the tap water is famous for being pure and untainted with chemicals and minerals. This, of course, reflects the innovative and refined culinary scene, not to mention our beer breweries that have won international awards. Iceland is in fact starting to develop as a foodie destination.

Many of our partners are following eco-friendly standards and for example the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre is believed to be one of the most eco-friendly conference centres in the world.

What sort of activities does Iceland offer?

Iceland is the ideal outdoor playing ground. Expansive open spaces, towering mountains, majestic waterfalls, barren lava fields and magnificent glaciers are open for exploration and enjoyment.  In a 100 km (62mile) radius of Reykjavík you can reach some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world.  If you are up for adventure you can take a four-wheel drive for a spin, climb a sheer wall of ice, trek along a glacier, and dive into a crevice and literally swim between the Eurasian and American continental plates. The experience is further enhanced by the Northern Lights in winter or the Midnight Sun in summer. Ash spewing from unpronounceable volcanoes and scorching geothermal water shooting out of the ground are just some of the images that come to many people’s minds when they think of Iceland. Yet, what they may not realise is that there is a vibrant and cosmopolitan urban centre nestled in the midst of all these natural wonders.

The wide network of suppliers within Meet in Reykjavik Convention Bureau offers the resources and know-how to design unforgettable itineraries with activities such as snowmobiling, white-water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, glacier tours, whale-watching, cave exploration, Super Jeep safaris and wellness options in our numerous geothermal spas such as the Blue Lagoon. DMCs have years of experience in Icelandic conditions, so planners can be confident that every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants.

“Traveling to Iceland is like being transported to a parallel world where every waking moment is filled with adventure, incredible landscapes, folklore and understated pleasures. It will make you believe in the magical again,” Owen Gaddis, Luxury Travel Manager