Whale Watching in Reykjavík

Elding – Taking environmental issues seriously

We, at Meet in Reykjavík, have noticed over the past years that environmental awareness has steadily become more important in the purchase decision of our clients. We consider environmental issues in all aspects of our operation and we recognize the importance of sustainability.

We share that conviction with our associated partners who deserves praise for demonstrating initiative and responsibility in the creation and implementation of environmental standards.

One of them; Elding Whale Watching, which is a family-owned company that has been offering the most talked-about whale watching and sea adventure tours in Iceland for the past decades, just received “Kuðungurin” the environmental award of the Environmental and Natural Resources Agency of Iceland for 2017.

We started paying special attention to environmental issues in 2006 by integrating Green Globe (now EarthCheck) into our daily operations to get a clear insight of the matter within the company.

Says Rannveig Grétarsdóttir, general manager of Elding

Now, 12 years on, we are still nowhere near finished. Environmental issues are a big part of our work and the Elding team joins forces by taking on the matters at hand in unison. We proudly accept Kuðungurinn award and are glad to get recognized for doing good work. Kuðungurinn recognition is a great motivation for us to do even better and we hope to inspire others to do the same.

It truly matters who you choose to experience Icelandic nature with

We congratulate Elding for their outstanding achievements.

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