FlyOver Iceland green from day one

FlyOver Iceland, opened 29 August 2019, is Meet in Reykjavík’s youngest partner and Iceland’s newest attraction. The company has focused on being environmentally friendly from the get-go. Their values are “Honour Place, Safety First, Bring Your Best and Anticipate”. With that in mind, they have already set their sight on receiving environmental certification from Vakinn, the official quality and environmental certification. But they are not going to sit and wait; they have already lined up the environmental initiative for 2020:

  • All trash in staff area is recycled. Guest area will have full recycling soon.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • We have a free shuttle bus from the east part of Reykjavík through the city centre to Grandi, encouraging people to leave the car behind.
  • We encourage our staff members to use public transit, and many do.
  • All pastries in our café are sold at a discount after 6:00 to avoid wasting food.
  • We use contract works to avoid wasting paper. We try to be as paper free as possible and discourage unnecessary printing.
  • We participate in global initiatives such as International Coastal Clean-up Day.


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