Blue Lagoon Girl in Rain

From Sea to Soul

Images of Icelandic volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, thermal pools and other geological wonders have been hot commodities on travelers’ social networks for the last few years. Set on a lunar-esque landscape, this Artic island, where 350 thousand locals call home, is a popular destination for travelers looking for outdoor adventure, creative cuisine, and collecting memories supported by images. Modern wanderlusts showcase images on their Instagrams posed in the infamous Blue Lagoon, by waterfalls, on vast black beaches, and with exotic food fare.

Icelandic culinary traditions have been refreshed and rediscovered. The reason the food fare has become gained international acclaim goes beyond talented chefs. We offer unique flavors, a global lifestyle feel, wild ingredients, gamey tastes, all with an added wink.


Though the natural beauty can translate in images, the magical energy of this strange and stunning island doesn’t. The statuesque landscape beholds an unparalleled aura and natural energy, undoubtedly from the powerful connection between glaciers, volcanic activities, natural hot springs, and dynamic waterfalls. Bathing in natural geothermal pools and hot springs enlivens mindful thinking. Intuition or innæi, is our main muscle in creativity. Icelanders are highly aware of this and believe that seeing inside or listening to the sea within (the meaning of innsæi), guides us forward.

Meet in Reykjavik, and it’s associated partners are known for customizing unforgettable incentivized itineraries with activities in Reykjavik and across the land of fire and ice. Sometimes including snowmobiling, white-water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, glacier tours, helicoptering, whale-watching, cave exploration, Arctic safaris and wellness options with numerous geothermal spas, such as the Blue Lagoon.

Back in Reykjavik enjoying cultural experiences might include anything from indulging in a fresh and flavorful catch of the day and smoked gamey meat, to jazz concerts and bar hopping. Visitors enjoy mingling with friendly and welcoming locals, breathing in our clean fresh air, and discovering all the magical places that make Iceland its own universe, housing 170 geothermal pools, 800 hot springs, 10,000 waterfalls, 15 active volcanoes, and 4,500 square miles of glaciers. Exploring and connecting with the landscape and its energy, and observing how the locals are connected to the sea and its shore, is an overall revitalizing experience that lives within for years to come.

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