New Climate and Environmental Action Plan approved at Keflavík Airport

  • 26 February, 2020
  • Category: News

Isavia, which handles the operation and development of all airports in Iceland, approved a new Climate and Environmental Action Plan at the beginning of the year, where more emphasis will be put on renewing vehicles, reducing waste and implementing innovative ideas and solutions in their daily operations. In addition, the plan is to have Keflavík Airport ISO14001 certified by the end of the year.

Various companies work at Keflavík Airport, in ground operations, airlines and inside the terminal. In late 2019, Isavia started a working group with some of the largest companies in order to co-ordinate climate and environmental efforts, with the aim to reduce negative environmental impacts of the airport as much as possible.

Isavia Keflavík Airport recently completed the third step of the Green Steps project, which is a voluntary employee engagement programme managed by the Environmental Agency of

Iceland. Step three includes, among other things:

  • Mapping electricity and heat consumption at the workplace and educating employees on responsible usage.
  • Sorting waste into at least in seven different waste categories.
  • Workplace purchases are more environmentally friendly than before.
  • Publishing environmental accounting and returning it to the Environmental Agency of Iceland.
  • Setting objectives and actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport and waste.

Isavia Keflavík Airport has signed, with other 200 European airports, the ACI Europe commitment to reach net zero for direct carbon emissions by 2050. This commitment came alongside a call for the entire aviation sector to develop a long-term joint ambition and vision towards a net-zero carbon emission air transport system.

Isavia Keflavík Airport is a participant in Airport Counsel International (ACI) and the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) programme, which aims to reduce airports’ carbon emissions. The ACA programme is developed by airports for airports. Four levels of certification are in the programme: mapping of the carbon footprint, carbon management towards a reduced carbon footprint, third-party engagement in carbon footprint reduction and finally, carbon neutrality for direct emissions by offsetting. Keflavík Airport has participated for the last three years in the programme and has reached level two, with ongoing work to reach level three.

Isavia has signed a contract with HS Energy for the supply of electricity for the company. The contract includes a statement that HS Energy is only to supply Isavia with electricity from renewable sources.

Isavia has signed contract with Kolviður, the Icelandic Carbon Fund; and Votlendissjóður, the Wetland Restoration Fund, to carbon offset all direct greenhouse gas emissions.

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