Harpa - Let's get Energized

Let's get energized


We offer energizing talk by an Icelandic speaker for any convention with 200 delegates or more!

  • High-quality content for any event

  • Energizing motivation for bigger networking breaks

“Why?” you ask.


In Iceland, we believe that good energy is contagious. And Iceland is full of energy. It’s not just its energetic nature that is a constant source of inspiration in Iceland; the power of Iceland also lies in its culture and the local mentality.


In Iceland, we also believe people need stories like they need to breathe. Storytelling is what brings us together, and conferences are meant to bring people together, to educate and inspire. That is why Meet in Reykjavík offers as a token of appreciation, for any conference with 200 delegates or more, energizing lectures from Iceland’s top speakers and comedians. (If you have more than 500 delegates, you can even get two).


The Energy speakers show up right before longer networking breaks with a 15-minute program that is designed to make sure that conference guests will go into their break full of energetic optimism.


So, ask us about our Energy speakers and watch our video; in it, Bjartur (one of the speakers), explains the whole concept.

This is Bjartur one of our Energy speakers:



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