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Hreyfill is one of Iceland’s most respected taxi services and has for 70 YEARS served the people of Reykjavík with a smile.

Besides providing comfort and convenient transportation around Reykjavik, Hreyfill also offers PERSONALISED guided tours for groups of up to eight people. These carefully selected tours aim to allow participants to enjoy as much of Iceland’s unique landscape and scenery as possible supplemented by a range of exciting options such as horse riding, fishing, bird watching and sailing to name a few.

At the same time, this concept also enables us to produce customised tours based on client wishes at short notice. There are many benefits of travelling in a small group as it is more personalised, flexible and economic service than one can generally find on coach tours. Hreyfill tours include stops to and from the International Airport and sites throughout Iceland including Blue Lagoon, various gardens, thermal baths, hot springs, and areas along the southern coast.

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Hreyfill Bæjarleiðir
These specialized tours are the perfect fit for those who need flexibility in terms of time and destination.

Whether you need a taxi ride within Reykjavík or a personalized tour of the countryside, Hreyfill is the answer for you!