Your introduction to Iceland begins the moment you step aboard an Icelandair flight. We’re a proudly Icelandic airline with over 80 years of experience.

Our home’s unique position in the middle of the Atlantic makes it the ideal hub for an extensive flight network linking Europe and North America, and we invite passengers to enjoy a Stopover in Iceland at no additional airfare.

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Why fly Icelandair:

Excellent value for money

Convenient departure and arrival times

Fast flying times and easy, convenient connections

Friendly onboard service with generous legroom

Easy booking and check-in from all destinations

A reliable and welcoming airline with over 80 years of experience

Wi-Fi available on board n In-flight entertainment for every seat, filled with movies, music and audiobooks

Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages

Saga Club loyalty program with benefits and membership rewards

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Icelandair rates among the most punctual airlines in Europe. This is just one high point for the company, which lands near the top in all key areas in AEA (Association of European Airlines) consumer reports. Icelandair aims at not only maintaining this excellent record but actually improving on it.

Icelandair becomes first airline to bring high-speed connectivity and internet streaming to transatlantic flights

Icelandair and ViaSat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT). Have announced it will bring the fastest, most powerful in-flight connectivity and internet streaming service to passengers flying on Icelandair Boeing 737MAX operated flights between North America and Europe.