Origo equipment hire offers companies and individuals the best possible service when organizing events. Whether it’s for concerts, conferences, meetings, exhibitions or parties the equipment hire can provide both the equipment and services for the job. With one of the largest stock of equipment in the country and top specialists at hand, the framework we provide is sure to guarantee success.

Audio equipment: Speakers, microphones, mixing consoles, small and large PA systems as well as every type of audio equipment accessory.

Visual equipment: Displays, projectors, projection screens of all sizes and types, cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Conference equipment and computer-, printing-, and translation solutions. When organizing meetings where translation services are needed, whether in one or multiple languages, it is important to have in mind what the technical requirements will be.

Lights and stage equipment: Generic lights, dimming, spotlights, staging blocks, mobile staging, drapes, truss, and rigging, rigging hoists and more.

Internet streaming (Webcasts): Suitable for conferences, meetings, staff meetings, internet courses, company settlement conferences, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, and other internet educational content.

Technical services: Sound Engineering, Visual control, Lighting control, Technical management, Stage management, Audio and visual recordings, Event management and more.

Contact a member of our technical team at Origo equipment hire for professional and friendly advice on design, setting up and choosing the most suitable solution for your event.

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At Origo-equipment hire, we have specialists with vast knowledge and experience in their field. They have handled the technical aspects of all the major conferences, exhibitions, presentations and company annual parties here in Iceland for many years. This includes the NATO conference, The Nordic countries conference, the National Olympic Committee conference, the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, annual company parties, concerts and more.
  • Origo, one of Iceland’s leading service providers in the field of information technology, offers complete solutions in the fields of information technology, including consultancy, the provision of hardware and software, office equipment and technical service.
  • The Company’s mission is to create value for customers with our employees, knowledge of information technologies, business operations, and customer needs. Origo’s staff and subsidiaries consist of some 600 employees with extensive experience and expertise in the IT and A/V sector and business consulting.
  • Origo is the Icelandic representative of a number of foreign technology firms, most of whom are at the forefront of their field, including IBM, Lenovo, Canon, Lexmark, Sony, Heidelberg, SAP, Avaya, Cisco Systems, Bose, NEC, Panasonic, Crestron, and APC.