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Whether you are planning an incentive trip for entertainment, professional or educational purposes, we at Reykjavík Incentives have the expertise to plan your trip with a personal touch by carefully tailor-making each and every program exclusively for our clients. We establish a good business relationship as well as a good operational environment that is fully supervised with our enthusiastic incentive team.  Ultimately our solid resources and close relationship within the travel industry in Iceland, guarantee the harmony and reliability of your trip.

Incentives, companies retreats, couples programs, and family programs can be used in a variety of ways and in many different places, some you can imagine and some you can‘t … Iceland is one of them!

More and more people realize the benefits and opportunities which can be found in taking part in a well-organized incentive or event.

If you look into it, Iceland is not as far away as one might think; It is midway between New York and Moscow! Once on location the drive from the airport to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavík only takes 45 minutes. From Reykjavík, there is no need to drive far to reach pure nature. Most of the exciting and interesting sightseeing areas and activities offered can be reached within 2-4 hours drive out of the capital.

All that being said Reykjavík Incentives is an individual division within the well-established company Reykjavík Excursions, which has been actively operating on the Icelandic travel market since 1968 making it one of the founding companies in the Icelandic Travel Industry.

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It is a known fact that well developed and carefully planned programs, whatever their purpose can motivate participants in many ways to function more efficiently in their professional and personal life.

Reykjavik Excursions – Kynnisferðir has been assessed for an environmental management system, the ISO 14001:2004 by the British Standard Institute (BSI) and by Vakinn, the official quality and environmental label for Icelandic tourism.

The company continually strives to improve its environmental performance in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, and requirements set by the Icelandic authorities. Reykjavik Excursions – Kynnisferðir aims to minimise the negative environmental impact caused by its operation and ensures responsible and sustainable use of all environmental resources used by the company. This is done by defining critical environmental factors, managing and monitoring them.