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Organized sports in Iceland began about 130 years ago. The most popular sports in Iceland are football, golf, equestrian, handball, basketball, badminton, athletics, and Sport-for-All. The greatest growth has been in golf and equestrian sports. The sporting environment has been enriched in recent years with the addition of several new sports.

The Organization of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland, (abbreviated ÍSÍ)
Is the highest authority for voluntary sports activities in Iceland, cf. the provisions of the Icelandic Sports Act. The purpose is to promote, coordinate and organize sports activities, promote the development of high-performance sports as well as public sports and form, organize and lead Iceland´s delegations at the Olympic Games.

ÍSÍ is a national association of regional districts/sports unions and national federations. Members of regional districts/sports unions are clubs having the practice of sports in their program. As a national association in Iceland, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and under the umbrella of the Olympic Movement, ÍSÍ undertakes, on its own behalf and on behalf of its Executive Board and all association members, to honor the Olympic Charter and the World Anti-Doping Code and to abide by the decisions of IOC Sessions.

Reykjavik Sports Union (abbreviated ÍBR) is a member of the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland.

Sport and Leisure Department of Reykjavik (abbreviated ÍTR)
The City of Reykjavik offers recreational services such as swimming pools, sports centers, geothermal beach, family farm zoo and ski areas. They work in partnership with stakeholders in sports and leisure activities.

Laugardalshöll Sports & Exhibition Hall
Is located in Reykjavík city and is a 20.000 m2 multi-purpose sporting arena and exhibition hall. The capacity of the arena is 5,500 people. It hosts various sporting events, such as handball, basketball, volleyball, and athletics, as well as for other events such as trade shows, banquets, and corporate events. Aside from sporting events, it is one of the largest concert venues in Iceland, with an audience capacity of up to 12,000 people and 3240 persons at a banquette set-up.  Aside from sports and music events, it serves as a general purpose hall for all manner of events.  Several additional rooms surrounding the main hall may also be utilized to create a range of combinations for conferences, exhibitions, workshops, catering areas and entertainment.  Laugardalshöll contains over 700 sq. meters of mixed sizes of conference rooms, this rooms can be split up to six different sizes that can be used for 40 up to 400 people in meetings or other events.  Conferences room are equipped with PA system, projector and access to Wi-Fi, other equipment can vary by type of exhibition.

Laugardalur Stadium has an audience capacity of 9.800.

Egilshöll Recreation and Sports Hall
It is a 24.000 m2 multi-purpose sporting facility. Egilshöll has an indoor football hall, skating arena, and facilities for various other sports. The venue also has a cinema and a bowling alley.

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Reykjavik offers an environmentally friendly city with clean air, water and superior facilities and infrastructure to support large events. Our capability and drive to deliver are shown through the sports events that we have hosted for example the 16th Games of the small states of Europe, the European TeamGym Championship and much more.

Members of Sport in Reykjavik are major stakeholders in the sports sector in Iceland.

  • National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland (ÍSÍ)
  • Sport and Leisure Department of Reykjavik (ÍTR)
  • Reykjavik Sports Union (ÍBR)
  • Laugardalshöll Sports & Exhibition Center
  • Egilshöll Recreation and Sports Hall

Reykjavik Sports Union 

Engjavegur 6 – hus 1
104 Reykjavík Iceland
Telephone: +354 535 3700, Fax: +354 568 7566


Sport and Leisure Department of Reykjavik
Borgartún 12-14
104 Reykjavik
Tel.: +354 4111111


Laugardalshöll Sports & Exhibition Center
Engjavegur 8
Tel.: +354 5853300


Fossaleyni 1
112 Reykjavik
Tel:. +354 5949600