Whales of Iceland Exhibition


Whales of Iceland is a new exhibit that has opened in the heart of Reykjavík’s old harbor area. Close to downtown, this is truly an otherworldly venue.

Wander amongst these amazing animals while listening to their distinctive sounds in ambient lighting that will make you feel as though you are underwater.

Whales of Iceland is 1,700 square meters (18,300 sq. ft.) and is licensed for 200 guests. Depending on table configuration, approximately 150 guests can be seated in the main section, beneath the giant baleen whales. Permit exceptions can be arranged for more guests, with plenty of room for standing events. The exhibition is one large space that is sectioned off to highlight the different species of whales. We work closely with caterers to provide for any needs. We have hosted cocktail parties, breakfast business meetings, incentive gatherings and a variety of small gatherings.

Whales of Iceland is an exceptional space for your event and one that your guests will remember for a long time.

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On display at Whales of Iceland are 23 life-size whale models of species found in Icelandic waters. These range from one of the smallest marine mammals, the harbor porpoise, all the way up to the gigantic blue whale

Life-size models of whales in Reykjavík’s old harbor area. Permitted for 200 guests with exceptions made for more guests upon request. Full accessibility for those with disabilities.