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An unforgettable wedding event in Iceland

Imagine inviting your family and friends to Iceland to witness your wedding close to the powerful nature of ice and fire. Imagine the breath-taking wedding pictures. Imagine experiencing your love in the exotic landscape of Iceland in a bright summer night or under a dark sky lit up by the dancing northern lights. Iceland makes a unique moment unforgettable – for the happy couple and their loved ones.

Iceland is perhaps the perfect location for your wedding or honeymoon. With frequent direct flights from major cities in North-America and Europe, a variety of accommodation, venues in Reykjavík and all around the island and of course the amazing landscape. Iceland is listed as one of the safest countries in the world and Icelanders are known for their hospitality and friendliness.

Iceland celebrates diversity and welcomes people of all nationalities, race and sexual orientation. LGBT people can get married in Icelandic churches. In addition to major religions, people come to Iceland to get married by a priest or priestess of Ásatrú, a form rooted in old Icelandic paganism.

The ceremonies can take place in all kinds of venues, a religious venue, in the middle of nature, a small church on the country side, a boat, on a mountain-top or wherever the couple would like to tie the knots. Some couples prefer to get married with the Icelanic landscape as the backdrop to their ceremony while other use nature for their wedding photos.

In the last few years Iceland’s restaurants have gotten praise from visitors from all over the world. Reykjavík now has one Michelin star restaurant. The variety of cuisines has grown and restaurants offering cuisine from all parts of the world can be found. Tasty vegetarian dishes are on every menu of the main restaurants of Reykjavík.

A wedding away from home strengthens the bonds between friends and family. Iceland also offers a variety of activities for the happy couple and their guests. The adventurous can go paragliding, river-rafting, snow-mobiling and even surfing by the black beaces of the south coast. More family friendly activities include whale-watching, short hikings, visiting museums, sight-seeing and enjoying the rejuvinating, heated swimming pools that can be found all around Iceland.

Getting married is one of the highlights of a person’s life. With the help of Meet in Reykjavík’s members, such as Vigdís Björk Segatta and her team at Luxwedding, one of Meet in Reykjavík’s many qualified DMC’s, the personal event of getting married will be unique and memorable. Being a member of the Icelandic Tourist Board gives Luxwedding permission to plan every detail of weddings and other events in Iceland.

Luxwedding offers full service to those to want to get married in Iceland, including all paperwork, photographers, musicians, make-up artists. They have produced weddings and events for all kinds of budgets and can offer creative and memorable solutions in a close collaboration with couples and/or their representatives.

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