Key Sectors

Iceland is meeting the challenges of a dynamic global environment head-on through trade, global connectedness, and being a leader in sustainability. Our strong values of tolerance, progressiveness, and safety are the backbone of our society and help us thrive. 


Social progress & equality:

Iceland consistently ranks very highly on many global indexes. For decades, Iceland has enacted policies that support equality and human rights. Iceland consistently the United Nation's Human Development Index, is 1st in the Global Gender Gap Index, and is LGBTQ+ friendly. Many startups have flourished with Icelandic "island" ingenuity, discovering novel local solutions that meet global needs. Iceland ranks #4 in the World Economic Forum's World Talent Ranking 2020


Iceland would be a winner if there were a geological lottery! Plentiful geothermal activity and mountainous terrain are ideal for green energy. Iceland pioneered geothermal district heating and power generation systems. Combined with hydroelectric power, Reykajvík is powered by 100% sustainable energy.

Technology & innovation:

Icelandic technologies and innovations are increasingly becoming a significant portion of the export sector. Iceland possesses a collaborative network of experts, companies, universities, and diverse R&D projects focused on new opportunities in innovation. Iceland offers tremendous potential: a competent, well-educated workforce and incentives for attracting foreign specialists. 

Creative industries:

We take tremendous pride in our creative industries and arts. Iceland is remarkably well represented in the international scene in music, film, literature, visual arts, performing arts, and design.  


Electronic gaming industry:

Globally, gaming is a significant growth industry with technologies rapidly evolving. The gaming industry is already larger than music and movies combined in revenue. Iceland's gaming industry has seen tremendous growth across various platforms during the past decade.


Over the past decade (pre-Covid), tourism in Iceland has grown exponentially. Many successful campaigns for the tourism industry and good-old-fashion word of mouth have drawn travelers year-round to Iceland's welcoming culture and spectacular scenery. The tourism industry is now the largest export industry in Iceland.


Iceland's Blue-tech sector is advancing various technologies across maritime industries for more sustainable oceans. The scope of Blue-tech is broad, including aquaculture, algaculture, ship design, data management, enhanced logistics, and advanced robotic processing.


Biotechnology & life sciences:

The life sciences sector, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, genetics, and medical devices, is a rapidly growing and exciting sector in Iceland. There is strong government support and incentives to promote these industries, an impressive academic network nearby, an advanced research and health care system.


Through our ambassador program and Universities cooperation, we collaborate with various academic leaders, research communities, artists, scientists, politicians, business professionals, and many others to bring international conferences and events to Iceland.

We understand the importance of local support for any international association event and can help to secure the right connections between associations and the right professionals, sectors, or groups.