From the Arctic Circle Assembly 2019

From the Arctic Circle Assembly 2019


Several highly qualified Professional Conference Organizers (PCOs) are ready to help you plan the perfect event down to those last details that make a difference. Trained professionals have the experience and networks to organize conventions of all sizes. They will help you assemble an inspiring, rewarding, and impeccable event designed for your unique needs.

Athygli conferences

Athygli Conferences is built on years of experience and specialization in the field of conference and events management. All organization is in the hands of professionals, whose work is characterized by energy, enthusiasm, and an eye for detail. By effective teamwork we can produce quality work in an efficient manner – and above all do what we enjoy most: Organizing a successful event! 

g-events | PCO

What do you want to gain by your conference in Iceland? Better clients, better/more educated employees, more brand awareness, or something else? A conference is an investment, and we at g-events will make sure your return on investment is exceptional. 

komum Conferences

komum conferences is committed to providing the best possible service and the best solution for any gathering.


Sena PCO holds decades of experience in organizing world class conferences and exhibitions.
Our staff combined harbor decades of experience in planning and executing conferences, meetings and exhibitions, small or big that have inspired hundreds of clients over more than a decade and built life-long relationships along the way.